Most tutorials you find on YouTube or, as a result of a Google Search, describe or explain only certain features of the Google Calendar.  They give you a summary of what they believe are the most important functions neglecting to include each item in the drop-down menus they feel you may never use.

My Step-by-Step Guides take you through every aspect of the calendar so that you can become an expert in a short amount of time without having to click through website after website trying to learn a little here and a little there.

I offer a Beginner’s Guide that takes you through all the fundamentals of Google Calendar:  How to create a calendar, add events, delete events, rename a calendar, add Tasks, Reminders, Notifications and many other features that allow you to manipulate Google Calendar like a Pro.  It also provides more than one way to do the same thing  (See Index Below).

When you click on a drop-down menu, I explain what each of the options presented mean.  Some of the options are not discussed in the Beginner’s Guide but are rather left to my Advanced Guide so as not to clutter the beginner learning experience.

My advanced guide teaches you how to share your calendar, sync it with your phone and other devices, import and export events, hide other person’s calendars, assign Permission levels, access other people’s calendar and relinquish ownership of a calendar just to name a few of its many elements. You’ll also spend less time planning and more time doing with shareable calendars that integrate seamlessly with Gmail Drive, Contacts, Sites and Hangouts so you always know what’s next.   In other words, my advanced study guide teaches you how to work with calendars that you share, belong to someone else, or are public. 

You will love the ease in which you begin to understand everything there is to know about GOOGLE CALENDAR without have to surf the web.  It is suggested that you size your calendar down to half screen and use a sized-down version of my study guides right along-side it to maximize learning.

Both of my Study Guides comes complete with an index so you can scroll down to a section you are interested in learning without having to go through the entire Guide.   

Good luck and enjoy your experience.  Keep an eye out on my website ( for the Advanced Study Guide.   Thank you.