The only thing constant in this world is “Change”.  In some way everybody and everything changes.  As our kids begin to understand what life is about, they realize that they have a certain amount of control over their lives and that each day is different.  They can choose the path they desire.  They learn there are consequences for their bad choices and rewards for their good ones.

But since they cannot see the future, we as adults have the responsibility of being their headlights.  We must show them what’s up ahead – what’s in store for them on both sides of the fence. 

In the above video, I tell them about my life as a criminal, homeless man, and drug addict.  How I slept under a tree with only one pair of pants, a coat and a raggedy pair of gym shoes to my name.  I was always hungry and hurting.  But I also tell of how God lifted me out of my misery and after 65 years, united me with my biological and loving family.  Now, I stand before them with a story that I hope will inspire them to avoid that deep, dismal, dungeon of darkness and despair.  I strive to make them understand how short life really is and that we need to live every moment to the fullest.

As you can see, as young as they were, they understood and embraced my message.  So many of them stopped to hug me and express their sympathy and joy over my past and present life.  The fact is, and if only for a moment, I became their headlights.  I can only hope their parents, teachers, and the world will carry the torch to help save our children and young adults.  They need us!

Uncle Gary