Who Am I?  


Like Magic – A perfect tribute to my niece
By Gary Washington


I remember my yesterdays’ – so filled with sadness!

I had exited the planet earth and all of its madness

So, it seems……


I was content for I knew nothing else,
I was fine with all the pain I felt.


Space! “the final frontier”
self-destruction was near.


I traveled the galaxy,
searching for pieces of a dream;

I encountered the nothingness
that no one else had seen.


I remember asking the Lord, why?
Surely you would tell me Most High!

I don’t really want to die.


I felt like I was drowning in my tears.
It seemed like I had wasted so many years,


I wondered how it all would end.
But more importantly, how did it begin?


As I continued my journey – blind,
I thought I was losing my mind?


I couldn’t see – I had lost my way.
Would there be another day?


But one night something strange occurred…


It was something special about this star,
but I couldn’t reach it – it was just too far.


It said it was coming for me…


I felt alone as if I had left earth, and traveled a million miles into space;

Only to learn I had just exited the human race.


But my Star reached out its annointed hand,

and today complete I now stand.


Every so often I think of my past,

happy and proud I am free at last.