Poem For my Dearest Lady

Poem for my Dearest Lady – Lenore

By:  Gary Washington AKA Michael Venegar



It seems like only yesterday when I was proud and free;

the love I use to share with her without this misery.


I tend to think and often wonder, how her smile was so lively and gay;

but when I really think of it, she was actually made that way.


The love we shared was not so common, as most people like to think;

it was as if my life was incomplete, and she was the missing link.


I remember when I met her in that grand old season spring;

she approached me rather awkwardly, but her beauty was easily seen.


Her eyes seemed to glisten with a sparkle very unique;

and her innocent look of mercy and love was oh so tender and meek.


Her voice was soft as she spoke to me, but ever so plain and clear;

and the words she spoke so gently and mild was of love and of sincere.


We laughed and talked ‘til evening dawned and the sun began to rest;

then I suddenly knew that I was in love a desire I could not repress.


By and by as time ascended, my love for her increased;

happiness filled my everyday life and loneliness had all but ceased.


Lenore was her name this wonderful queen, whose name I’ll never forget;

and cherish forever and even after, that wonderful moment we met.


But one rainy day in the month of May, on the corner of Third and Deschaine;

a store was robbed, a man was killed, and I was to receive the blame.


I was nowhere in sight on this awful night, I explained to my love Lenore;

if I go to jail or that “pit of hell” our love will be no more.


I pleaded my case, oh what a waste when the judge pronounced my guilt;

tears from my eyes brought tears from Lenore and my life began to wilt.


In the first few of my confinement years, she was loyal as one could be;

but slowly and showly she forgot I existed and now I am no longer me.


Well, I’m sleepy now it’s after Ten, I guess I’ll join them in their snore;

and hope tonight I dream again about my love LENORE.


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